Imaging and Perimetry Society

24th International Visual Field & Imaging Symposium
August 10-14, 2022
Berkeley, California
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Perimetry is the quantitative evaluation of the visual field. Ocular imaging is the assessment and evaluation of the structural details of the eye. The aims of the IPS are

1) to promote the study of normal and abnormal visual function and of ocular imaging.  
2) to ensure and facilitate the cooperation and friendship of scientists of different countries working and interested in these disciplines.

Some more specific objectives of the IPS are:

  • To promote the diffusion of knowledge of perimetry and ocular imaging and its important place among other methods of visual testing.
  • To promote the development of new methods and instruments.
  • To develop guidelines for routine perimetric and ocular imaging techniques.
  • To establish standards for recording, classification, equipment and nomenclature of perimetry and ocular imaging.
  • To promote education of specialized visual field examiners and ocular imaging technicians through courses and handbooks.

These objectives are realized to a large extent at the biannual IPS symposia. During these meetings, perimetric and ocular imaging research is presented and discussed.

Joining the IPS

Membership is reserved for those interested and active in perimetric research. Employees of commercial companies are eligible for associate membership

Becoming a Member

To become a member of the IPS you may print the Membership Application or request an application from the secretary of the organization by e-mail or surface mail.

Dr. Allison M McKendrick
Secretary, Imaging and Perimetry Society
Department of Optometry & Vision Sciences
The University of Melbourne
Level 4 Alice Hoy Building,
Monash Rd, University of Melbourne Parkville Campus
Parkville 3010

Members are eye care givers, researchers and those in industry involved in vision testing, glaucoma and optic disc image analysis.

Membership Fees and Renewal

IPS member dues are payable annually coupled with the call for payment.

Dues are currently $75 US ($65 US for students, technicians and research
assistants) per year.

Payment Options

Mailing Address:
IPS Treasurer
Professor Mitchell Dul
SUNY State College of Optometry
Department of Clinical Sciences
33 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036, USA

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